Direct Payment Plan

Forget the Envelope!

Direct Donation Payments Now Available

Safe, Foolproof, Hassle-free

At last you can forget about the hassle of finding and filling out envelopes and writing checks at the last minute to drop in the collection basket every week. Automatic monthly transfers direct from your bank account are now available. And once you set it up, you’ll never have to think about it again — unless you want to.

Just as many people instruct their banks to automatically pay their mortgage and utility bills each month, you can now do the same with monthly donations to St. Joseph Church. All it takes is a couple of minutes to complete a simple Direct Payment form and drop it off at the Parish Office.

Once your bank receives the Direct Payment request from us, they’ll begin transferring whatever amount you decide upon directly from your account each month. It’s easy, safe, foolproof and means there’s one less thing you have to worry about when getting ready for Mass on Sunday. It also saves your parish the expense of having to mail those collection envelopes to you!

We think you’ll find the new Direct Payment Plan very convenient and encourage you to try it out. You set the amount you contribute to the Church each month and your bank does the rest. And if you change your mind about it later, it’s easy to stop direct payments at any time.

To get started, just download this ACH Donation Form, follow the included instructions and drop it off at the Parish Office. We’ll do the rest. And you won’t have to think about it again — unless you want to!